Date-to-date comparison

Comparison of daily performance by actual calendar date (1st of January this year vs. 1st of January last year).

Day-of-week revenue opportunity

The Day-of-Week Revenue Opportunity on a Pulse Report measures the revenue gap, if any, for each day of the week between your property and the relative performance of the highest performing property in your primary comp set. Each bar in the chart has two colors: blue and white. The area in blue represents the total revenue for your property that month for that particular day of the week. The white area shows the potential incremental revenue your property would have realized had it performed at the same RevPAR level as the highest performer in your comp set. Thus, if the bar is solid blue, your property was the highest performer for that day of the week during the reporting period. Areas with large amounts of white indicate your property is being significantly outperformed by at least one other property for that day of the week. The graph allows you to easily visualize which days of the week your property has the most opportunity for growth.

Day-of-week RevPAR

The Day-of-Week RevPAR on a Pulse Report details your property's average day-of-week RevPAR (e.g. Monday) versus the average for your primary comp set. Please note that the aggregate competitive set data excludes your property, so the results may be different than shown in your STAR report if your STAR report includes your property in comp set data.

Day-to-day comparison

Comparison of daily performance by day of week (Monday this year vs. Monday last year).


The number of rooms sold in a specified time period (excludes complimentary rooms). Refer to Data Reporting Guidelines for more specific application.

See: Rooms Sold (Room Demand).

Destination resort

Property that appeals to leisure travelers, typically located in resort markets, and considered a destination in and of themselves with extensive amenity offerings. These properties are typically larger and full-service.


 A company that prepares a site and builds for commercial use as a lodging facility.