Fair share

A metric that assumes an even distribution of supply, demand and revenue among all properties in a selected group. An index of 100 indicates a property has achieved its fair share.  For example, if a subject hotel’s ADR is $50, and the ADR of its competitive set is $50, the subject hotel’s total index is 100. If the subject hotel’s ADR totals $60, its index is 120, indicating the hotel has captured more than its expected share. If the subject hotel’s ADR totals $40, its index is 80, indicating the hotel has captured less than its expected share.

Food & Beverage (F&B) revenue

Revenue derived from the sale of food, beverage and non-consumable goods and services sold by a property’s food and beverage department.  Refer to Data Reporting Guidelines for more specific application (F&B STAR, HOST, P&L).

Franchise company

A group of independently-owned operations that have been issued a contract to use a specific name and logo, purchased for an annual fee plus “royalties” - usually based on a percentage of sales. Members share benefits like brand-name identity, corporate image advertising, centralized reservation systems, corporate training programs and volume purchasing.

Full availability

This setting calculates the results based on the full physical capacity for the subject property, competitive set and industry segment.

Full service hotel

Typically Upscale, Upper Upscale and Luxury properties with a wide variety of onsite amenities, such as restaurants, meeting spaces, exercise rooms or spas.