The number of properties and rooms that submit performance data to STR.

Seasonal closure

The period when a property is closed for at least one calendar month around the same time each year. Example: A ski lodge is closed during summer or a beach resort is closed during winter.


Rooms sold and revenue data broken down by customer type (transient, group, contract). Refer to Data Reporting Guidelines for more specific application.


Based on total physical room count of the property. For STR reporting purposes, properties are grouped according to the following five thresholds: 

  • Fewer than 75 Rooms 
  • 75 – 149 Rooms 
  • 150 – 299 Rooms 
  • 300 – 500 Rooms 
  • Over 500 Rooms


Property with onsite access to ski slopes.

Soft brand

Collection of properties that allows owners and operators to affiliate with a major chain while retaining their unique name, design and orientation. Select soft brand hotels include Ascend Hotel Collection by Choice Hotels International, Autograph Collection by Marriott International and The Luxury Collection by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. See Boutique, Lifestyle Brand.


Property with an onsite spa facility and full-time staff offering spa treatments.

STAR availability

Setting that shows data online, based on the dSTAR Report. Shows the subject property's reported adjusted or full availability, versus the full availability of the competitive set and industry segment. 


STR's proprietary numbering system.  Each hotel in the STR database has a unique STR Number. This also is known as an STR Code.


Geographic area that is a subset of a market (i.e., Waikiki, HI in the Oahu Island, HI market). See Market.

Submarket class

Properties located in a specific submarket and STR class segment (i.e., Waikiki, HI Upper Upscale Class).

Submarket collapsed class

Properties located in a specific submarket and STR collapsed class segment (i.e., Waikiki, HI Upscale / Upper Midscale classes).

Submarket collapsed scale

Properties located in a specified submarket and STR collapsed scale segment (i.e., Waikiki, HI Midscale includes Upper Midscale & Midscale chain scales).

Submarket scale

Properties located in a specific submarket and STR scale segment (i.e., Times Square Area Luxury Chains). See Market Tract Scale.

Suite room

Room type offering more space and furniture than a typical hotel room, including a designated living area or multiple rooms.

Supply (rooms available)

Number of rooms in a hotel or set of hotels multiplied by the number of days in a specified time period. Refer to Data Reporting Guidelines for more specific application. 

Example: 100 rooms in subject hotel x 31 days in the month = Room Supply of 3,100 for the month. See rooms available.