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STR selected for Australian government’s accommodation data collection

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LONDON—The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) has selected STR to undertake its national accommodation data collection, the Australian Accommodation Monitor (AAM).   

The collection will involve participation from hotels, motels and serviced apartments in Australia’s capital cities and regional areas. In addition to collecting performance data, STR will measure accommodation supply, assisting the Australian government and industry in tracking progress toward their target of adding 20,000 rooms by 2020.  

“One of the key elements of our approach is that hotels and other accommodation providers who participate in this programme will gain access to STR’s unparalleled benchmarking insights,” said Matthew Burke, STR regional manager, Pacific. “This not only ensures greater market transparency for the Australian accommodation industry as a whole, but also greater opportunities for accommodation providers across the country to make better, data-driven business decisions.”

STR’s reporting of national and state information will be provided free of charge on Tourism Research Australia’s website on an annual basis, through to fee-based products offering users highly specialised, higher frequency insights. In addition to STR’s monthly performance data, an annual release will be published. Results from the AAM for the 2016-2017 financial year will be published in July 2018. Annual results for subsequent years will be available each October.

“We are thrilled to have been selected to undertake this collection for the Australian government,” said Robin Rossmann, managing director for STR. “By leveraging our strong existing presence in Australia as well as our industry-leading reporting methodologies, STR will provide the Australian government, accommodation operators and industry stakeholders with enhanced insights on performance and development, ultimately helping this sector continue growing.”

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