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Tapping into new travel trends

Understanding the data behind traveller behavior provides a better perspective on key holiday drivers.

STR’s Tourism Consumer Insights team surveyed 27,000 panelists to understand what motivates them to travel, with almost 50% citing interesting history and heritage as an influential factor. Our full-service tourism market research team also noted a growing trend for travelers seeking new places and cultural experiences in global destinations. 

Consumer Travel Motivators


This trend has enabled the rise of the sharing economy and resulted in travel agencies offering more personalized and bespoke trips to less-travelled places. 

New accommodation types are on the rise too, such as Lubd Hostels that have been marketed as ‘social hotels’ with their friendly feel. While Lyf, a new co-living brand launched by Ascott, and ryokans in Japan are now positioned to attract new types of travellers, offering a relaxed vibe.

Growth in the travel economy and hospitality landscape typically go hand in hand. STR’s AM:PM hotel supply and pipeline platform reports inventory growth in countries including Vietnam, China and Japan, catering to the rising number of visitors drawn to the rich history and culture.

About TCI

Tourism Consumer Insights (TCI) is the full-service tourism market research team at STR – the leading provider of data and analytics for the global hospitality industry. The above survey is conducted through the STR Traveller Panel, comprising 27,000 respondents of which 25% are from the U.S. and 18% from the U.K.

Consumer Travel - Traveller Panel