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2018 HOST P&L Program

STR’s HOST P&L program compiles data from over 10,000 hotels and 1,900,000 rooms globally. 



The Annual Report of 2018 U.S. Hotel Profitability
This signature report  illustrates revenues and expenses for the Rooms and F&B departments, as well as Spa, Golf, Parking, and other departments.  Expenses are also shown for A&G, Sales & Marketing, Property Operations and Maintenance, and Utilities, as well as select fixed expenses. Data is categorized by full-service/limited-service, region, class, and location type; Payroll is categorized by department. All data is shown on a ratio-to-sales, per-available-room, and per-occupied-room basis.


HOST Reports


Custom P&L Report - $600 
Select the set of hotels featured in the report from a HOST participation list, or choose entire markets or segments of markets. Includes two years of revenue and expense data.

NEW - 5-Year Custom P&L Report - $850 
Delivers five years of HOST data from your
selected set.



NEW - Profitability Spectrum - $850 
Illustrates the full range of operating ratios (minimum, maximum, average, and percentiles) for each revenue and expense item from a set of 25-50 hotels chosen to meet your criteria.

Individualized P&L - $500 
Actual, individual property statements hand selected
from a pool of over 50,000 statements according to your criteria.








HOST Data Provider Exclusive Product Offerings 


NEW - Profitability Scorecard - $700 
Provides a percentile score for your property in each revenue and expense category, based on a set of 25-50 comparable hotels in your region, as well as an overall grade based on the individual scores for each category.

Comparative P&L Report - $525 
Compare your property’s data to the properties
in your chosen set. Includes two years of revenue and
expense data.






Click here to participate in the HOST P&L program or contact
HOST P&L Data Providers can receive a complimentary HOST P&L Participant Report, a copy of the HOST Almanac, and exclusive access and pricing to profitability benchmarking products (determined by property participation).


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