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STR: Asia Pacific hotel construction up 14.1% in January

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STR’s hotel pipeline data for the Asia Pacific region showed 2,021 projects accounting for 441,819 rooms in construction as of the end of January 2020. This represented a 14.1% year-over-year increase in the number of rooms in the final phase of the development pipeline.

A majority of the region’s rooms in construction are in three segments. Of those three, upper midscale projects represented the largest percentage increase (+24.2%) in activity year over year.

1.    Upscale: 110,855 rooms 
2.    Upper Midscale: 103,447 rooms 
3.    Upper Upscale: 99,148 rooms

Six countries reported more than 20,000 rooms under construction. China led with 224,579 rooms, which represented 8.1% of the country’s existing supply, followed by Japan (35,622 rooms, 5.0% of existing supply).

1.    China: 224,579 rooms (8.1%)
2.    Japan: 35,622 rooms (5.0%)
3.    Vietnam: 31,727 rooms (29.6%)
4.    India: 24,752 rooms (8.1%)
5.    Indonesia: 22,292 rooms (6.0%)
6.    Malaysia: 20,410 rooms (12.3%)

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