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STR: Europe hotel performance for November 2020

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LONDON—Reflecting the impact of a second lockdown, Europe’s hotel industry reported much lower performance levels from the prior month, according to November 2020 data from STR.

Euro constant currency, November 2020 (percentage change from October 2019)

  • Occupancy: 21.3% (-70.4%)
  • Average daily rate (ADR): EUR72.42 (-32.3%)
  • Revenue per available room (RevPAR): EUR14.42 (-81.2%)

Amid continued COVID-19 lockdowns around the continent, each of the three key performance metrics were down from October, and the occupancy level was the lowest since May.

Local currency, November 2020 (percentage change from October 2019)


  • Occupancy: 13.1% (-82.9%)
  • ADR: EUR77.80 (-32.8%)
  • RevPAR: EUR10.21 (-88.5%)

Occupancy and RevPAR fell to their lowest levels since May, while ADR was the lowest for any month this year.


  • Occupancy: 16.2% (-77.4%)
  • ADR: EUR73.60 (-37.1%)
  • RevPAR: EUR11.93 (-85.8%)

Occupancy and RevPAR dropped to their lowest levels since June, while ADR came in lower than any month this year.

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