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Data Providers

  • STAR Program

    Benchmark your property’s occupancy, average daily rate (ADR) and revenue per available room (RevPAR) performance against your chosen competitive set to identify if your property is gaining or losing market share.
  • Hotel Survey

    Hotel Survey is a complimentary report for hotel data providers that compares their own performance against aggregate figures of their respective geographical area and local market class.
  • STAR Add Ons

    Enhance your dSTAR Report by including an additional competitive set, Segmentation, Bandwidth, RPM, Pulse or F&B STAR.
  • Corporate Reports

    Corporate Reports provide your corporate and regional management teams with an overview of your portfolio’s performance against the selected competitors and local markets in one document.
  • F&B STAR

    Benchmark your hotel's F&B operations against your chosen competitive set with KPIs related to Catering & Banquets, F&B Venues and In-Room Dining.
  • Bandwidth Reports

    Bandwidth enables you to visualize where your property’s daily performance sits against the full range of your selected competitive set.
  • Casino STAR

    Casino STAR is a benchmarking report designed for Casino properties.
  • Pulse

    Diagnosing your hotel’s complete health with one concise dashboard.
  • RPM

    Understand your exact position among the hotels in your competitive set in this Matrix of occupancy and ADR Indexes.
  • Comp Set Suite

    Progressive products and services from STR Analytics to help you through comp set creation, evaluation and correction processes from start to finish.
  • Destination Reports

    Destination Reports provide hotel performance data on your chosen segments to effectively track selected destinations worldwide.
  • Hostel Destination Report

    STR’s Hostel Destination Report provides market-level intelligence in your selected markets.
  • Hostel Survey

    The perfect guide to data-driven business solutions, the Hostel Survey ranks your property’s performance against the performance of competitors in your chosen market.
  • Market Forecast

    Hotel Market Forecasts are the ultimate resource to project future performance of your market’s key metrics.
  • U.S. and Chain Scale Forecast

    The U.S and Chain Scale Forecast includes quarterly (8 quarters) and annual (5 years) forecast data for the total U.S. and each of the seven chain-scale segments.
  • U.S. Hotel Forecast Review

    The U.S. Hotel Forecast Review combines all forecasts for the U.S., Chain Scales, and Top 25 Markets into one easy-to-use report.
  • Consumer Travel Insights: The Traveller Journey

    In-depth research into the complete traveller journey, from planning a holiday start to finish, to how the traveller’s money was spent in a destination.
  • STR Academy

    The STR Academy will help you and your team actively employ your STAR report through enhanced performance insights.
  • STR Training

    Our training solutions can help you get the most out of your STR reports.
  • Custom Forecast

    Custom Forecasts employ hands-on analysis to illustrate the future performance of your market's key metrics.
  • Trend Reports

    Trend Reports display monthly performance data including occupancy, ADR, RevPAR, supply, demand and revenue.
  • Pipeline Reports

    Pipeline reports give you an overview of historic supply and projected supply growth for markets around the world.
  • Census Database

    The Census Database contains records of more than 190,000 hotels and 17.55 million rooms worldwide. The Census Database includes key property information and the amenities that each hotel offers. The output can be customized to suit your needs.
  • Directory of Hotel & Lodging Companies

    The Directory of Hotel & Lodging Companies utilizes the Census Database to provide the most complete worldwide listing of hotel and lodging companies.
  • HOST Almanac

    A comprehensive set of annual and custom reports based on 2018 revenue and expense data from over 5,200 U.S. hotel operating statements.
  • HOST P&L Program

    A comprehensive set of annual and custom reports based on revenue and expense data from over 10,000 global hotel operating statements.
  • Hotel Transaction Almanac

    A comprehensive report covering transactions within the U.S. hotel industry.
  • ROI Model

    Comprehensive and customizable models that allow you to input your project assumptions and quickly understand potential returns.
  • Custom Dashboard

    Consolidate all vital decision-making data into one platform with infinite display options.
  • Hotel Reviews

    Hotel Reviews provide a ‘high-level’ overview of key markets in major regions as well as enable you to go into more detail by sub-regions or countries.
  • Budgeting Tool Kit

    Get all the tools you need to develop your hotel’s budget with the Budgeting Tool Kit. These reports cover every step of the budgeting process, from gauging historical performance to making predictions about the future.
  • Events Database

    The Events Database is a listing of major U.S. events and their effect on hotel performance data for 2017. Updated annually, the dataset includes detailed information on events over a two-year period with a minimum estimated attendance of 34,000 or more.
  • Global Hotel Study 2018

    An unprecedented, worldwide view of the hospitality industry
  • School Break Report

    By compiling over 1,700 educational establishments’ key calendar dates into one easy-to-read report, STR has developed a way for you to quickly view and prepare for future leisure demand.
  • Event Impact Analysis

    An Event Impact Analysis is a valuable tool for assessing the impact of large events and meetings in your market. It can be conducted for a one-time special event or for a recurring event.
  • Hotel Data Conference Presentations

    The Hotel Data Conference, held in Nashville each year, brings together industry experts with a specific interest in crunching data. If you missed the 2018 conference, you can purchase the presentations here.
  • Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics - Industry

    The industry version of the Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics was launched in November 2013 and is being jointly offered by AH&LEI and STR.
  • Advisory Services

    Get a more complete understanding of key industry aspects with our statistically focused products and services.
  • Business Research

    We undertake B2B research to provide a comprehensive understanding of tourism business performance and attitudes within a destination and/or across sectors.
  • Consumer Research

    Our comprehensive suite of consumer research solutions, which includes access to our proprietary Traveler Panel, enables a detailed understanding of the hospitality and tourism industry and informs your strategic decision making