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RVshare: Delivering effective PR through client research

RVshare, the world’s first and largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, aimed to create positive coverage through press releases and cement their position as market leaders. The company’s 2020 trend report was designed to demonstrate thought leadership and expertise among over 60,000 RV owners it serves across the U.S. However, to do so effectively required a deep understanding of RVshare’s clients.

Challenge: Understand the RVshare audience

STR was approached with two clear research objectives:

- To understand the travel and planning habits across a broad traveler audience, with a specific focus on RV travelers as well as testing working hypotheses provided by the client.

- To develop an understanding of the clients’ existing knowledge by identifying robust and honest consumer-led endorsements of the trends already identified via internal sources. This step would also ensure the research outcome delivered additional relevant insight to RVshare.

Solution: A collaborative questionnaire that delivered timely insight

Working closely with RVshare and its partner agencies, STR delivered a collaborative and iterative questionnaire design for an online survey. A combination of desk research and analysis of provided material enabled us to deeply understand the RVshare business and ask the right questions. This approach ensured all parties were clear about the process, objectives, and desired outcomes.

Those solid foundations enabled the research to be turned around quickly, providing RVshare with key statistics and headlines—which the company was able to use independently, following STR collaboration that equipped leadership to interpret the information effectively.

Results: Identifying trends to grow eminence

With the help of STR’s research, the client was able to put forth a press release, securing coverage across global business and travel websites and begin emerging as the thought leader in the RV sphere.  

Following the success of the 2019/2020 study, RVshare commissioned STR to undertake additional research to examine RV usage trends and to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on the sector.

Client Testimonial

‘Thank you again for a great partnership. I am very happy with the results of this research. The outputs have helped us to broaden our understanding of our market and consumer needs as well as providing great PR material and content for our industry leading commentary.’

Maddi Bourgerie
PR Manager


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