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Asian African Conference Commemoration 2015

Asian African Conferences Commemoration 2015

Jakarta, 19 – 24 April 2015 

The Asian African Conference Commemoration 2015 (AACC 2015), which concluded in Bandung on 24th April 2015, brought an optimistic atmosphere to Jakarta’s hotel industry. As one of the host cities, Jakarta had 18 hotels ready to host the delegations (source: AACC 2015 website). A positive impact was directly felt by most hoteliers in Jakarta, in which their RevPAR suddenly increased by +15.4% year-over-year to IDR794,024.60 after showing seven months of declines since September 2014, due to the ban of civil servants holding meetings.

RevPAR, Occupancy and ADR during the conference


Compared to 2014

Occupancy levels were down compared to April 2014, despite the attendees being as many as 32 head of states and 86 state delegates, from 91 countries (source: AACC 2015 website). Jakarta experienced overall occupancy levels of 62.0%, a decrease of -0.5%. Consequently, RevPAR was heavily affected by ADR performance. An ADR increase of +16.0% to IDR 1,280,000.52 had allowed for double digit RevPAR growth in April 2015.

Jakarta Market Performance Event vs Month Comparison in IDR 

Jakarta AACC Conference highlights

During the week of the conference (19 – 24 April 2015), hotels in Jakarta achieved ADR increases of up to +33.8%, in comparison to the same week last year. Furthermore, the Golden Triangle market encountered a +44.6% ADR increase, due to the conference being located near the Golden Triangle Area. Outer Jakarta was also able to benefit from the event with double-digit increases of +19.8%. During the event week, Jakarta reported an overall RevPAR growth peak of +32.4% (IDR 1,146,857.48), with Golden Triangle experiencing growth of +57.4% (IDR 1,819,090.04) and Outer Jakarta showing a less significant +9.4% growth (IDR 646,281.5).

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