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Hotel Analysis - Cricket World Cup 2015

Daily Data Analysis of Australia's Host Cities

Australia, and New Zealand

The eleventh cricket world cup started on the 14th of February and continued through to the 29th of March 2015. Host cities included; Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in Australia and Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Napier, Nelson, and Wellington in New Zealand.

49 games were played and drew in over one million spectators in total. The diagram below indicates the changes in RevPAR % during March, when most of the matches took place. 

Auckland experienced the largest change in RevPAR % change during March; this is due to the rise +24.9% in the Average Daily Rate (ADR) and a smaller increase +3.7% in Occupancy.

Percentage change for key cities in Occupancy and ADR, February-March 30 

As shown in the above diagrams, ADR and occupancy rates peak during days where matches are taking place; otherwise rates remain approximately in the same percentage range throughout the game period.

Another important take away, is that the majority of the matches that led to a peak in occupancy and ADR are quarter semi-finals, semi-finals or finals. Moreover, those matches that drew in the biggest percentage changes were the Trans-Tasman games between New Zealand and Australia, and separately the match between India and Pakistan, two countries known to be long-time rivals in cricket.

India v. Pakistan

Out of the host locations, the city that saw the biggest increase in all three key performance indicators was Adelaide. On the 15th February (the India v Pakistan game date) Adelaide saw an increase of 56.1% in occupancy, +103.6% in ADR and +217.7% in RevPAR. What must also be considered from this information is that Adelaide is also the market with the least properties; where Adelaide has 103 properties, Auckland has 143, Melbourne City 124, and Sydney City 184.

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