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Rugby World Cup Opening Weekend Hotel Performance 2015


The opening ceremony and match of the Rugby World Cup 2015 drew nearly 10 million viewers in the United Kingdom. The impact of the event was felt in the hotel industry as well as with four host cities reporting significant growth in revenue per available room during the World Cup’s opening weekend.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Opening Weekend

RevPAR, Host Cities, Friday 18 - Sunday 20 September 2015, GBP

  • London: Hotels experienced an average year-over-year RevPAR increase of 27.0% during the opening weekend of the Rugby World Cup 2015. The performance was driven by a double-digit increase in ADR. Occupancy remained more stable year over year, with the exception of a 12.3% increase to 79.3% on Sunday. When looking at the performance of hotels within a 5-kilometre radius from Twickenham Stadium, RevPAR grew by 121.7% for the opening evening.
  • Cardiff: Hotels lived up to their sport city image and witnessed RevPAR increases of more than 115.0% on all three days, despite not hosting a match on Friday, 18 September. The top-performing day was Sunday, 20 September when Wales faced Uruguay at Millennium Stadium. RevPAR increased 194.6% to £88.42, on the back of a 35.6% increase in occupancy and a 117.2% increase in ADR. We note that RevPAR for hotels in Cardiff on Saturday, 19 September was 5.6% greater than RevPAR experienced in London during the same day.
  • Brighton: Hotels suffered a minor dip in RevPAR on Friday but recovered fully for the following two days when two matches were held at Brighton Community Stadium. Saturday’s performance was driven by a 24.7% increase in ADR to £159.99, while Sunday’s was a result of both occupancy (+28.2%) and ADR (+26.8%), resulting in RevPAR increasing 62.5% to £51.64.
  • Gloucester: Hotels produced strong performances on Saturday and Sunday, with RevPAR growth of more than 40.0% each day driven by increases in ADR. Despite not hosting a match on Sunday, hotels in the area benefitted from leisure visitation in the area. 

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