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Rugby World Cup - Week 2


During the second week of the Rugby World Cup 2015, hotels in Cardiff continued to experience stellar reveue-per-available-room increases (+316.5% on 1 October), while Wembley and Birmingham witnessed performance setbacks.

Rugby World Cup 2015 Week 2

RevPAR % Change, Host Locations, Sun 22 - Sat 03 Oct 2015, GBP

Overall for the second week of the Rugby World Cup 2015, hotels experienced RevPAR increases in the region of 100%-plus, confirming that the event is succeeding in boosting hotel performance.

  • Cardiff: Hotels in Cardiff continued to lead the way with RevPAR increases of 316.5% to £170.27 on 1 October and 210.5% to £174.44 on 2 October. The home match between Wales and Fiji boosted the performance on 1 October. Occupancy increased by 33.5% to a staggering 97.8% for the day and eclipsed 90.0% for four consecutive days during the week. When matches were held in Cardiff, hotels in Swansea (+65.6%), Bristol (+37.4%) and Wales (+154.9%) recorded strong RevPAR increases, suggesting that hotels in those areas were able to capitalise on the event. 
  • Leeds: When Scotland beat the United States on Sunday, 27 September, occupancy was the main driver behind the hotel performance in Leeds. Occupancy grew 78.1% to 76.5%, resulting in a RevPAR increase of 137.7% to £52.63. 
  • Wembley and Birmingham: Hotels within a 5-kilometre radius from Wembley Stadium (-35.3%) and hotels in Birmingham (-43.9%) witnessed a decline in RevPAR during matches on 27 September. In Birmingham, the Conservative Party Conference was held during the same period last year, with a staggering 321.4% increase in RevPAR on 28 September 2014. Hotels in the Wembley area were not able to capitalise on the Ireland-Romania match that was held in the afternoon. When looking at Sundays, those were the lowest performing days throughout the months of September with occupancy being around 70% on average, while the average for the month was at 87.4%.
  • Milton Keynes: Hotels experienced RevPAR increases of 87.4% to £96.18 and 66.8% to £66.74 for 1 and 3 October, respectively. Occupancy increased by 20.8% to 95.3% when France played against Canada, while ADR was the main driver on 3 October.  

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